It’s understandable to feel concerned when you’re told that you have a tooth cavity. After all, a cavity can mar your smile and make you feel self-conscious. Don’t worry, even with the most diligent of oral care, a cavity can develop. The good news is that our clinic uses discreet white fillings to restore health and beauty, so you can smile with confidence once more.

New technologies – beautiful white fillings

Thanks to advances in dental technologies composite or white fillings are now widely available in dental clinics and are preferred by the majority of patients.

White fillings – What’s the procedure?

The first step of any dental procedure is always to make sure our patients feel absolutely no pain. We pride ourselves on delivering gentle painless procedures by giving an injection of local anaesthetic.

While your mouth is turning numb, we use this time to match your white fillings with the colour of your surrounding teeth, by holding a colour chart to your teeth. Once you’re numb we remove any decay, shape the tooth where necessary, and apply layers of the composite until we reach the desired shape. A special light is then shone down on it to harden the filling. Your dentist will then check your bite is even and make any necessary adjustments to the height of the filling.

If you’re experiencing pain from a tooth or you’re interested in making your smile look more glamorous, then get in touch with us today! Just simply book an appointment online or give us a call on (03) 5995 3819.

Health Fund Preferred Providers

We accept all major health insurance with our HICAPS facility and are proud to be a preferred provider for Medibank, NIB, HCF'

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We accept all insurance and we are preferred providers of Medibank Private, HCF, NIB.

Along with insurance, we accept Cash, Credit Cards (Amex not accepted) & Dental Health Insurance Cards. We also accept and process vouchers under their Medicare Card (Children Dental Benefit Scheme), Department of Veteran Affairs Cards and Victorian Emergency & Victorian General Dental Scheme managed by the Monash Health (Dental Services).

Supreme Dental Cranbourne is conveniently located at 1 Scarborough Avenue, Cranbourne West and we have car park directly inside the business premises compound.

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