Emergency Dentist Cardinia

Have you had an accident that has injured your jaw or face? Or are you experiencing sharp pain in your gums?

These dental issues can leave you in excruciating pain, and that is why you should consider making a quick visit to an emergency dentist near Cardinia.

We at Supreme Dental Cranbourne, understand your dental emergencies and hence provide quick services so you can get instant relief from the pain. Be it bleeding gums or a chipped tooth, the experienced dentists at our clinic examine your oral condition immediately and provide prompt treatments.

Understanding Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are identified as any issues with your dental health that require immediate attention from a dental professional to reduce pain, prevent additional damage, or save a tooth. While the severity of these situations might vary, they always necessitate immediate dental care to reduce suffering and complications.

Signs You Need to Visit a Dentist Urgently

Here are some signs you might need to see an emergency dentist near Cardinia:
  • Bleeding: Gum bleeding that does not stop requires immediate attention from a reliable dentist.
  • Accidents: A chipped, partly broken, or cracked tooth caused by injuries or accidents should be examined and treated as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • Swelling and inflammation: If you have redness in your gums or if they look swollen, consider visiting a dentist urgently.
  • Sharp Pain: Sudden, strong pain in the gums can be unbearable, and hence visiting an emergency dentist near Cardinia should be a must!
  • Bad breath and bad taste: If your breath smells bad or you are getting a bad taste in your mouth consistently, the condition indicates you need immediate medical attention.

Why Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist near Cardinia?

Visiting an emergency dentist near Cardinia can be lifesaving, as it has multiple benefits, which are mentioned below:
  • Quick relief: Be it a severe toothache, traumatised jaw, or gum bleeding, our expert dentists can provide immediate relief with a thorough examination and treatment to help you relax.
  • Immediate Treatment: Some dental conditions require immediate treatment so your smile can be saved. Our dentists schedule your appointment for the same day or the next day, as we understand that immediate action can be lifesaving.
  • Prevention: It is necessary to get your dental condition identified and treated before it worsens. And with an emergency dentist near Cardinia, your oral problems can be treated on time, preventing you from having to face severe consequences in the future.
Put an end to the pain by giving us a call. Talk to the dental team at our clinic and get your appointment scheduled!

Need Immediate Care? Contact Supreme Dental Cranbourne!

If you are experiencing pain or bleeding in your gums, don’t wait until the pain becomes excruciating. Get in contact with an emergency dentist near Cardinia and save yourself from the unbearable pain. Feel free to call us at (03) 5995 3819 to make an appointment so we can examine and treat your dental issues the right way. If our dental clinic is closed and you have a dental emergency send an email to But if it is severe or life-threatening, please go to the nearest Emergency Room immediately.

Health Fund Preferred Providers

We accept all major health insurance with our HICAPS facility and are proud to be a preferred provider for Medibank, NIB, HCF'

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We accept all insurance and we are preferred providers of Medibank Private, HCF, NIB.

Along with insurance, we accept Cash, Credit Cards (Amex not accepted) & Dental Health Insurance Cards. We also accept and process vouchers under their Medicare Card (Children Dental Benefit Scheme), Department of Veteran Affairs Cards and Victorian Emergency & Victorian General Dental Scheme managed by the Monash Health (Dental Services).

Supreme Dental Cranbourne is conveniently located at 1 Scarborough Avenue, Cranbourne West and we have car park directly inside the business premises compound.

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